Queen Crystal and The Land

In a world similar to ours comes a fable born from scattered visions.

Crystal will discover her destiny hidden in the pages of The Prophecy.


Map of Noore Continent -  found in the pages of  The Prophecy 

The above photograph was taken in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park


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Book One - The Land was published summer of 2007 by Dream Catcher Publishing. You can visit their site at:  http://www.dreamcatcherpublishing.org/    For a full review from AllBooksReviews click here.

In March of 1996 I had an incredible dream. As the author, I shared visions of a life filled with magic, but I had never dreamt of magic before.    My role was that of a seventeen-year-old girl, Crystal Elderbee . She was the only heir to the throne of The Land and her magical father wanted control of the kingdom.

So it began, a battle between father and daughter, one that would force Crystal to leave her home.  There is something you should know - Crystal was not a powerful Queen at the onset of her journey, only a self-absorbed Princess eager to dance and play.  Her greatness grew the day her father's murderous plot had failed, the day of her awakening.

Please join Crystal and glimpse a world of beauty, magic, emotion, and hidden talents that will tantalize the imagination.

Sandra-Jo Matusky

                 The above illustration is from Book One ~ The Land...  Chp.7    Family Strife 


Book one has finally been published!      Thanks to Dream Catcher Publishing Crystal's story was published Summer of 2007.  The book is the first part of Queen Crystal's journey and includes color illustrations for 12 chapters. You can read an adult review of the book and as well as a young adult review. The book costs $16.95 in stores.  Books can be ordered from the Dream Catcher web site or from www.amazon.com  and other on-line book stores.

The first 100 copies were printed in April and sold to my students at Pine View Middle School and then to family & friends invited to my first book signing. 

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Queen Crystal and The Land 

Book One - The Land

by  Sandra-Jo Matusky

 Bringer of Balance - Book Two  


View illustrations :     Chp. 18 Loyatee      Chp. 24 Map of Palleo

           The illustration above and to your right is from Book One ~ The Land...  Chp. 1  Awakening

In the map of Noore Continent you can see where The Land is located. Crystal must travel into the East Woods on a quest to defeat her father before he destroys the kingdom.  On her journey she is guided by her brother, Christian.  Crystal's deceased brother had his spirit cast into a local Farmoore paper, a town west of The Land.  He warns her of danger, but not until she is pushed from the roof of a three story building  does Crystal understand her dilemma. 

My dream ended with Crystal explaining to her Aunt, The Queen, that she would leave her home for awhile.  She races into the woods, practically in tears, with only her brother as a guide.  What would she do?  I could not let her story end, so after recording what I remembered in my dream, I continued her trek into the woods.  I remembered the map from her conversation with Christian - the map of the Zoo.     Crystal's journey had to continue and her tale took me farther than I could have possibly imagined!       

                            The above photograph was taken in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains



To your left is an illustration from my favorite chapter.  It is the moment when Crystal almost loses her life, but is rescued.  She is forever changed from the near death experience and it opens her eyes to a love that had followed her from the start of her journey.

We are introduced to a character who becomes a huge part of Crystal's life.  I believe anyone reading the entire story will be captivated by Crystal's protector.

In Book Two - Bringer of Balance , the protectors play a major role in the course of Crystal's new life as Queen of The Land.  She travels with a handful of alliance members to combat a mysterious plague ravaging the Continent.  Crystal is targeted by the protectors and has to endure the deadly plague yet again, but this time her fate rests in the free-roamers.  Despite major struggles to unite the leaders of Noore, the King and Queen succeed in their effort to bring humankind together.  An alliance of four thousand humans sail across the Sallow Ocean to battle the "green ghosts".  Their searching takes them half way across the planet to the continent of Palleo.  There, Crystal must restore her broken magic before she destroys her world. 





                           The above illustration is from Book One ~ The Land...       Chp. 5       Unveiling


Besides writing and teaching, I have discovered the lost art of book binding.  I have made several handmade copies of Book One - The Land for family and friends.  Click here to see an image of the book. 

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Music on this site comes from Cherish the Ladies - A Celtic group featured on public radio.  "The Waves of Kilkee," produced by Joanie Madden - Wood Park Publishing/BMI and Brain Keane - Brian Keane Music/ASCAP can be purchased at www.Amazon.com.  Search for the CD Cherish the ladies at home.  This particular song reminded me of George, a young man introducted in Book Two - Bringer of Balance .  George always played his flute wherever the alliance traveled. 

Bringer of Balance ~ Book Two is now available!

Book two is available only through the author. 

For purchasing information contact crystal@queencrystalandtheland.com and type: Bringer in your subject line.  I will reply with details so you can get your own signed copy of Bringer of Balance.

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